What to do in Venice: November 2021

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Bruce Neuman "Contrapposto Studies" PH © Marco Cappelletti

What to do in Venice in November 2021: Where®Venice has round-up the most interesting and not-to-be-missed events of the month to be held in the beating heart of the city

Exhibition: “VENETIA 1600. Nascite e Rinascite”

Until 25 March 2022

This year Venice celebrates its 1600th anniversary with a monumental exhibition in the place that symbolises the power and glory of the Serenissima: the Doges’ Palace in St Mark’s Square.

Exhibition: “HYPERVENEZIA”

Until 9 January 2022

Palazzo Grassi reopens to the public on 5 September with “HYPERVENEZIA”, an exhibition specifically dedicated to the city of Venice on the occasion of the 1600th anniversary of its foundation.

Exhibition: “Mario De Biasi. Fotografie 1947-2003”

Until 9 January 2022

An extensive retrospective devoted to one of Italy’s greatest photographers, a tireless narrator of the world, Mario De Biasi.

Exhibition: “Stop Painting” an exhibition by Peter Fischli

Until 21 November 2021

Described by Swiss artist Peter Fischli as “a kaleidoscope of repudiated gestures”, the project explores a series of specific ruptures within the history of painting in the last 150 years.

Exhibition: “Bruce Nauman: Contrapposto Studies”

Until 9 January 2022

“Bruce Nauman: Contrapposto Studies”, curated by Carlos Basualdo and Caroline Bourgeois in close collaboration with the artist himself, is part of the series of monographic exhibitions organised by Palazzo Grassi with the active participation of the artist at the heart of the show.

Exhibition: SECOND ACT by Maarten Baas

Until 21 November 2021

Four long red curtains, suspended from the fourth floor, the courtyard and the water gate conceal a performance whose plot is unknown.

17th Architecture Biennale 2021

Until 21 November 2021

The 17th International Architecture Exhibition is titled How will we live together? and is curated by architect, educator, and scholar Hashim Sarkis.

Exhibition: DOMUS GRIMANI. La Sala del Doge and “Archinto” by Georg Baselitz

Until 27 November 2022

Two new projects reinforce the dialogue between the ancient and the contemporary, in a unique place in the architectural and historical-artistic panorama of the city.

Exhibition: “The Glass Ark. Animals in the Pierre Rosenberg Collection”

Until 1 November 2021

The “The Glass Ark. Animals in the Pierre Rosenberg Collection” exhibition at “Le Stanze del Vetro” will retrace – in an original and fascinating way – the history of 20th-century Murano glass from an unusual angle: the glass animal.

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