Travellers Can Now Download the New Visitor Treasure Guides

by Web Editor
Visitor Treasure Guides

FREE Visitor Treasure Guides


FREE Visitor Treasure Guides

The Visitor Treasure Guides, designed and issued by Proedi Editore, are the new collection of guides focused on the most visited destinations for culture in Italy. All venues feature a special appeal for both national and international guests. The guides feature the collaboration with important art historians and eminent international art critics.

First Issue: Brera EYES WIDE OPEN, on Milan's Pinacoteca di Brera

Where gifts you with the first Visitor Treasure Guide, part of the collection of international guides destined to worldwide readers passioned for Italy, art and beauty.

In particular, this one is kindly offered by Serravalle Designer Outlet, the largest Designer Outlet in Europe, in collaboration with the Brera Art Gallery and Proedi Editore.


On the cover, you can see ‘The Kiss’ by Francesco Hayez, a very important painting. If you want to see this painting, enjoy a daily trip to Milan and visit visit the Pinacoteca di Brera – after reading our guide, of course!