Vecio Fritolin, Traditional Venetian Cuisine in Santa Croce

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Vecio Fritolin

“Vecio” in Venetian means ‘old’ but Vecio Fritolin, a historic locale tucked away in an alley, has been given a makeover and now offers a selection of gourmet specialties prepared by two chefs.



High-quality cuisine requires the finest, seasonal ingredients. For this reason, every day, Irina Freguia, the owner and brainchild of Vecio Fritolin, a positive, enterprising woman who loves good food and hospitality, heads to the Rialto market – the oldest in the city, located just steps from the restaurant – to source the freshest meat, fish and vegetables. This locale boasts an age-old history. Formerly an old-style ‘bacaro’, or small unassuming tavern, where guests could savour a snack and a glass of wine, Vecio Fritolin has held pride of place in Santa Croce since the 18th century. Although it has now been transformed into a restaurant, it has lost none of the old-school charm that makes it one of the most pleasant places in Venice for a special occasion meal.

Tradition and innovation all-in-one

The kitchen is manned by two chefs: Pierluigi Lovisa, boasting 40 years of experience in the business, is the ‘director’ of this historic locale, featured in guides worldwide, while 26 year old Raffaele Minute, the young, creative soul of the restaurant, is more oriented towards experimentation, upgrading desserts, hors d’oeuvres and several other dishes served at the restaurant with a contemporary twist. In addition to featuring a mixture of traditional and innovative fare, with an emphasis on seafood (including several Venetian specialties that cannot be found elsewhere), the menu also caters to the requirements of Vegetarians, Vegans and individuals suffering from Celiac disease. Highlights include naturally leavened bread, homemade bread sticks, bronze extruded pasta and artisanal desserts.

Tartare Vecio Fritolin
A beef tartare at Vecio Fritolin



Thurs-Sun, Mon 12.30pm-2.30pm and 7pm-10.30pm. Wed 7pm-10.30pm. Closed on Tuesday.

Santa Croce, 2262 (Calle della Regina)

Sestiere Santa Croce


+39 041 5222881

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: (only in Italian)

GPS: 45.43978, 12.33119

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