Treviso, a Small Treasure Near Venice

by Romena Brugnerotto
Treviso, photo credits Boris Maric under c.c. licence 0

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The city is a small gem, which can be visited entirely on foot. Lying at the heart of the city, just a stone’s throw from the station, Piazza dei Signori is the ideal spot to stop and enjoy either a local Prosecco-based aperitivo, or a light lunch. The area’s neighbouring streets are packed with elegant shops, cut across by pretty canals offering lots of fabulous photo opportunities. Both the city’s Casa dei Carraresi and the Santa Caterina museum host important art exhibitions.


While in the area, make sure to sample radicchio di Treviso, a homegrown speciality. A go-to destination for a snack is the Osteria dalla Gigia, Via Barberia, 20, whose signature dish is ‘mozzarelle in carrozza’, a type of fried cheese sandwich.

Risotto with radicchio
Risotto with radicchio

Address: Treviso, Via Barberia 20

Phone: +39 0422 582752

In-town top destinations:

Piazza dei Signori
Saint Peter’s Cathedral (Duomo)
Cappella Malchiostro, featuring frescoes from Titian
Loggia dei Cavalieri
Palazzo Dolfin
Casa dei Carraresi
Santa Caterina Museum

Nearby area:

Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet
City of Venice

Treviso Tourist Information Office:

GPS: 45.66688, 12.24304

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