Eating Traditional Seafood: 3 Fish Dishes You Can’t Miss in Venice

by Stefano Traine
Spaghetti con le Sarde

Are you in search of the true Venetian flavours? While visiting the city a stopover to savour one of its renowned delicacies is a must...let's start with three unmissable fish first courses!

Baccalà Mantecato

Baccalà mantecato
Baccalà mantecato, photo credits IGer @enjoylife_eatitalian

Venice’s most notable dish is baccalà mantecato, salt cod cooked in milk and served with polenta. According to legend, a Venetian merchant, who had been shipwrecked on the Lofoten Islands, off the coast of Norway, discovered stockfish, which he brought with him when he returned to the Lagoon.

Risoto de Gò

Risoto de Gò
Risoto de Gò, photo credits Wonsun under c.c 2.0 licence

Risoto de gò, a typical thick rice recipe prepared with goby, a type of lagoon fish, is the most typical regional speciality you can savour while visiting Venice.

Polenta con le Schie

Polenta con Schie by Trattoria Do Forni
Polenta con Schie by Trattoria Do Forni

Typical local standouts include polenta con le schie, delicious fried baby shrimp usually sautéed with garlic and served over polenta.

Find some of Venice’s best restaurants serving local dishes!

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