The Scuola Grande of Saint Rocco: the Sistine Chapel of Venice

by Elena Brunello

Undoubtedly one of Venice's gems, the Scuola Grande of San Rocco hosts some of Tintoretto's finest paintings.

The Scuola Grande of San Rocco is probably to Venice what the Sistine Chapel is to Rome. Located in the sestiere San Polo, it is world known for its majestic collection of some of the finest paintings of Venetian painter Tintoretto.

The building was the seat of the San Roch Confraternity, a group of wealthy Venetian citizens that, in 1564, commissioned Tintoretto with the decoration of the major rooms: the Sala Superiore and the Sala dell’Albergo. The Confraternity was named after Saint Roch, the protector against the plague and because of the building’s proximity to the church of San Rocco, where the relics of the saint are still housed. It is the only one of the historic Scuole Grandi to have survived the fall of the Republic of Venice and it is still active today as a confraternity, carrying out charitable duties. Most of the paintings are by Tintoretto, however, some of them are by other legendary Venetian artists such as Titian, Giorgione, and Palma il Giovane.

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Open  every day from 9.30am to 5.30pm

Full ticket: 10 euros

Concessions: 8 euros

Campo San Rocco 3052, Venice

Sestiere San Polo

WATER BOAT: Vaporetto lines 1 (stop San Tomà)

+39 041 5234864


GPS: 45.4565786,12.354788
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