Suggestions on the 10 Best Venice Souvenirs

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Murano Furnace

The must-have souvenirs to bring back with you after visiting Venice could include, of course, Murano glass home objects and jewels, artisan-made Venetian masks (typical during the famous Carnival!), miniature gondolas, art prints and original postcards. If you are in search for something truly original, read our article.

A map of these venues follows

1. A pair of furlane

Furlane by Piedaterre

‘Furlane’ are the shoes worn by gondoliers. Venetians have used them as house slippers for years, but lately they’ve become a must-have for fashionistas and trendsetters around the globe. They are the velvet slippers that can be worn both in and outdoors are likely to be much appreciated. These slippers are particularly popular with gondoliers because their rubber soles are guaranteed not to damage the paint of their gondolas (you can purchase them at Piedàterre, a shop located in San Polo (near the Rialto district).

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Address: San Polo, 60 (Ruga Rialto, Sotoportego dei Oresi)

Water boat: Vaporetto lines 1 (Rialto Mercato)

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Official Website


Phone: +39 041 5285513

GPS: 45.43867, 12.335

2. Handcrafted jewels, made by a local impiraressa

Venetian Dreams

Another great gift that is sure to please the ladies is a pair of earrings crafted with Venetian glass beads or ‘perle’. At Venetian Dreams ‘impiraressa’ (the Venetian word for artisans who thread coloured glass seed beads to make necklaces and other items of jewelry, editor’s note) Marisa Convento will enthrall you with tales of this ancient art of threading and embroidering tiny glass seed beads made on the island of Murano (San Marco 3805/a).

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Address: Campo SS. Filippo e Giacomo, 4509
Sestiere Castello

Water boat: Vaporetto lines A (Sant’Angelo)

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Official Website

Phone: +39 041 5230292

GPS: 45.43485, 12.33062

3. Murano glass jewels

Kirumakata ring

What best gift expresses Venetian craftsmanship than a Murano glass handmade jewel? At Kirumakata atelier pearls rings, bracelets and necklaces are handblown by architect and jewel designer Alessandra Gardin, who takes inspiration from natural elements and shapes for unique creations. Thanks to its fully artisanal making, every piece of jewellery has one-of-a-kind features that make it a truly unmissable gift idea from Venice.

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Address: Castello, 4696
Sestiere Castello

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Official Website (in Italian) 

Phone: +39 347 3607177

GPS: 45.43729, 12.33853

4. A Tabarro cloak


If you want to repeat tradition by wearing a special winter garment that Casanova loved, then you should buy a Tabarro cloak. It’s a tailored circle of fabric that has been shaped to fit around the shoulders with a single closure on the collar. You can find a variety of different colours and weights, for both men and women, at Tabarro San Marco.

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Address: San Polo, 2235
Sestiere San Polo

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Official Website (in Italian) 

Phone: +39 041 5246242

GPS: 45.43721, 12.3304

5. A Luxury carnival costume

Antonia Sautter

Antonia Sautter is the creator of the Doge’s Ball, the most elite Venetian carnival party. Besides crafting beautiful carnival costumes, at her workshop Antonia creates also accessories for special occasions and decorative items for the home.

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Address:  San Marco, Calle del Carro 1628
Sestiere San Marco

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Official Website

Phone: +39 041 2413802

GPS: 45.43375, 12.33535

6. A mask by a local mask-maker

Masks by Ca' Macana

In Venice, every other shop seems to sell masks but serious players who only stock their own, handcrafted products are few and far between. One of the most highly respected is Ca’ Macana where, should the mood so move you, you can have your mask customized or even make it yourself.

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Address:  Dorsoduro 3172

Water boat: Vaporetto lines Vaporetto line 1 (Ca’ Rezzonico stop).

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Official Website

Phone: +39 041 2776142

GPS: 45.43336, 12.32525

7. A handmade recycled sail bags

Bolina Sail Bag

If you’re a sailing enthusiast, Bolina Sail uses sailcloths to craft truly unique handmade recycled sail bags. You’ll find them at Sartoria dei Dogi.

More information

Address: Calle del Tentor 1840
Sestiere Santa Croce

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Official Website (in Italian only)

Phone: +39 3396302109

GPS: 45.4406, 12.3293

8. Gondoliers official clothing

Emilio Ceccato

An interesting feature that you are bound to notice on a gondolier’s uniform is the logo. Its most recent version was created by the Style Department of Duca d’Aosta, a shop established in 1902 in the Rialto neighbourhood by Emilio Ceccato. The logo features St. Mark as the Winged Lion, holding an open book, a symbol of peace and strength, framed by two ‘ferri’ – the traditional iron gondola prow ornaments (also known in Venetian as ‘fero da próva’ or ‘dolfin’). Bringing one home as a keepsake is neither easy (nor cheap!), but you can avoid this by purchasing a souvenir created ad hoc. Where? At Emilio Ceccato’s clothing and accessory store, the official supplier and technical sponsor of the Associazione Gondolieri di Venezia (The Gondolier’s Association of Venice).

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Address:  San Polo 16/17

Official Website

Phone: +39 041 5222700

GPS: 45.43937, 12.33329

9. Traditional Venetian pastries and sweet treats

Chocolates by Dal Mas

The city is also famous for its many pastry and chocolate shops selling typical Venetian pastries and sweet treats, ideal gifts to make on your friends and family an even sweeter impression! Options include historic addresses like Tonolo (Calle San Pantalon, 3764), Dal Mas (Rio Terà Lista di Spagna, 149), Rosa Salva (Sestiere di San Marco, 950) and Rizzardini (San Polo, 1415) or more contemporary locations such as Harry’s Dolci, boasting a spectacular view over the Grand Canal (Fondamenta San Biagio, 773).

10. A phone cover representing Venice

Venice Phone Cover

A phone cover depicting Venice’s panoramas or its main landmarks could be a good idea to carry a little piece of this romantic city with you. If you’re looking for one, but can’t find it anywhere, MagiCover Venezia is a must stopover. With its wide choice of fancy accessories for all phone models a visit to this colourful shop offers the ideal chance to dress your smartphone with a trendy new look.

More information

Address:  Rio Terà della Maddalena, 2336

Water boat: Vaporetto lines 1, 2, N (San Marcuola DX stop)

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Phone: +39 041 5242164

GPS: 45.44337, 12.33137

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