Salvadori Diamond Atelier: Diamond Jewellery in San Marco

by Stefania Vida
Salvadori Diamond Atelier

Boasting more than 160 years of history, the Salvadori Diamond Atelier interprets every desire with style
and experience, offering women emotions that go straight to the heart.

Salvadori established its first store in the magical city of Venice in 1857. At that time, it only carried watches, period bedside and travel alarm clocks, grandfather clocks and wall clocks.

However, it was only thanks to Gabriele Pendini, the company’s longtime president who had a passion for gemstones, that Salvadori became a tangible expression of high-class, sought-after jewelry. Gabriele Pendini, who is a member of the most important diamond exchanges in the world, Antwerp and Tel Aviv, is thus certified to purchase and sell diamonds freely. Over time, Salvadori began specializing in the industry, becoming a real ‘Diamond Atelier’ where, beginning with the design, each piece of exquisite jewelry is handmade and emblazoned with the prestigious Salvadori marquee.

Salvadori Abbraccio bracelet
Salvadori Abbraccio bracelet

The Diamonds

The diamonds chosen for each and every creation are distinguished by their unparalleled cut, colour, clarity and carat, which serve to intensify their dazzling brilliance. Additionally, they all come with either HRD (the Hooge Raad voor Diamond of Antwerp) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certification.
Today, the company is managed by Gabriele’s daughters, Monica, managing director, and Marzia, jewel designer.

Salvadori and Charity

In addition to its peerless craftsmanship, Salvadori also champions good causes. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of its jewelry is used to support humanitarian projects in collaboration with Actionaid, an international non-governmental organization.



Piazza San Marco, 67

PHONE: +39 041 5230609

GPS: 45.43375, 12.33883
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