Verona, the Romantic Village and its Roman Arena [120Km from Venice]

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Admist romanticism and bien vivre

Located just over a hundred kilometers from Venice, Verona captivates visitors with a stunning medieval historical center, encircling the Roman Arena – the ultimate stage for musical events in summer.
Above all, Verona is is known as the city of love. It is the famous setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but it is also a vibrant town, boasting an intense cultural life, which is further heightened in summer by a one-of-a-kind stage, its ancient Arena (dating back to the 1st century B.C.), which attracts music lovers/aficionados from all over the world.

However, the haunts of Romeo and Juliet are no less popular. You are likely to stumble upon Juliet’s house (in via Cappello 23) with its beautiful Gothic portal and famous balcony (an interesting fact: you can now get married on the balcony where Romeo promised his undying love for Juliet), while strolling through the streets of the ancient city, amidst squares, porticoes, aristocratic palazzi, medieval towers, churches and courts (For more information visit Before leaving the house of Shakespeare’s heroine, don’t forget to touch the right breast of her statue. According to legend, this gesture brings good luck and helps you find true love. Romeo’s house, with its imposing crenellated walls, is located just a little further on, and the crypt of what used to be the ancient monastery of San Francesco al Corso still houses the young Capulet’s tomb, for centuries, a pilgrimage for die-hard romantics.

The Adige river is located just steps away, and a sunset stroll along its shores and over its historical bridges allows visitors to absorb some of Verona’s most romantic, scenic views – the perfect place to fall in love.


The second largest amphitheatre after Rome’s Colosseum, dating back to the 1st century B.C., this venue hosts a rich calendar of events including opera – Aida is not to be missed! – classical, rock and pop concerts, as well as ballet featuring some of the world’s most famous stars

verona arena
verona arena

Official website:

Address: Verona, Piazza Bra, 1

T:  +39 0458005151

Tourist Information Office:

GPS: 45.43838, 10.99162
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 you can reach Verona from Venice by train
in 58 minutes with fast Frecciarossa trains

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