Pot-Pourrì Boutique: Womenswear in San Marco

by Simona P.K. Daviddi
The staff of Pot Pourrì Boutique

Located in a historic palazzo overlooking one of Venice’s most romantic canals, Pot-Pourrì is not only a clothes boutique but a fantastical dream-like place where shoppers can browse and emerge with a totally new look..

Palazzo Regina Vittoria, in Ramo dei Fuseri is steeped in history with a glorious past, and is located just steps from St. Mark’s Square. Formerly Goethe’s first residence in Venice, and later home to a luxurious Ciga hotel, it is now the headquarters of Pot-Pourrì’s three standalone boutiques. Its owner Marina has invested her passion for living in these three concept stores.

The style of her clothing and interior decor interprets her vision of everyday life, reflecting her love of colour and sophisticated creativity. Her originality is apparent in the spaces and window displays of her boutiques where accessories and clothing are not simply stacked or hanging like in a regular shop, but transformed into exquisite installation-like details associated with everyday living. Clothes are displayed amidst swathes of sand and shells reminiscent of a day at the beach. They are also draped on tables set for a meal, or even showcased between comfortable armchairs just inches from the water, as the store overlooks the water.

Pot Pourrì Boutique
Pot Pourrì Boutique

“Pot-Pourrì was established 45 years ago almost by chance”, says Marina who welcomes us wearing a gossamer-like fuchsia jacket. “It was originally a salon where I used to entertain friends and its windows allowed me to recreate the atmosphere of a bygone era. From the very beginning, I felt a need to create garments that reflected my lifestyle, and in order to achieve this, I drew inspiration from everyday life, and added a touch of colour. This is why customers visiting Pot-Pourrì do not come here looking for only one specific item, but rather to ‘browse’, to be seduced by the thousand nuances accenting our outerwear, dresses and accessories (even those in our winter collections).”

Shoes at Pot Pourrì Boutique

“I prefer adopting an ‘intellectual’ slant when welcoming customers to my shop”, says Marina. “Those who understand our concept, usually leave wearing a totally new look, accessories included.” Today, Marina is assisted by her daughters Malica and Melania, while her son-in-law Fabio heads the menswear boutique which she opened two years ago next to her womenswear boutique. “Because,” she explains with a laugh, “women wearing our clothes wanted a man who would look good next to them.” Her latest boutique, dedicated to lifestyle and homeware, is also housed in the spaces of Palazzo Regina Vittoria.

In addition to her Venice-based locations, Pot-Pourrì’s creations can also be found in monobrand stores in Spinea, on the mainland, and in Asolo, in the province of Treviso.


Mon-Sun 10am-7pm.

San Marco, 1810 (Ramo dei Fuseri)

PHONE: +39 041 2410990


GPS: 45.43456, 12.33537
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