8 Places Near Venice that You Should Visit

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Padova near Venice

Several charming destinations, a perfect way to spend a relaxing day while having fun!

A map of the venues follows

01. Abano and Montegrotto Terme

Abano and Montegrotto Terme is the largest spa hub in Europe, the area is a sought-after destination for those in search of relaxing, wellness retreats.

Distance from Venice:
53 km – 33 miles

How to reach Montegrotto Terme from Venice

GPS: 45.3522, 11.77968

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Additional Information

By Train: Arrival train station: Terme Euganee – Abano – Montegrotto (a 40-minute ride from Venice)

Tourist Office: www.visitabanomontegrotto.com

02. Bassano del Grappa

Located a few kilometers from Marostica, this town is mainly famous for one of Italy’s most popular spirit category, the Grappa, a grape-based liqueur containing 35 to 60 percent alcohol by volume (70 to 120 US proof), but that’s not the city’s only attraction.


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Distance from Venice:
68 km – 42 miles

How to reach Bassano del Grappa from Venice

GPS: 45.76572, 11.72727

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Additional Information

By Train: Arrival train station: Bassano del Grappa – Stazione FS (1-hour ride from Venice)

Tourist Office: Piazza Garibaldi, 34 (Opening Hours: Mon 2-6pm; Tue-Sat 9am-7pm; Sun 10.30am-1pm and 2-6pm. Closed on Easter, Christmas and New Year’s days).
Phone: +39 0424 519917 www.bassanodelgrappa.gov.it

03. Chioggia

chioggia cities near venice

A picturesque fisherman’s village on the Italian coast within the Metropolitan City of Venice.

Distance from Venice:
60 km – 37 miles

How to reach Chioggia from Venice

GPS: 45.21986, 12.27901

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Additional Information

By Bus: Bus service by ACTV from Piazzale Roma (Venice), direction Sottomarina Capolinea (Chioggia). (1 hour of bus ride)

Tourist Office: en.turismovenezia.it/Chioggia

04. Marostica

Standing in the middle of its main square is a huge marble chessboard where every second weekend of September a spectacular chess game is played by people dressed up in costumes.

Distance from Venice:
90 km – 56 miles

How to reach Marostica from Venice

GPS: 45.74596, 11.65839

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Additional Information

By Train: the nearest train station is Bassano del Grappa – Stazione FS (1-hour ride from Venice). Bus lines by FTV Vicenza leave from Bassano del Grappa and also Vicenza and Padova to Marostica.

Tourist Office: marostica.ictmail.it

05. Padova (Padua)

Padova near Venice

Padova is one of the oldest cities in northern Italy and a city of culture with its famous University and the magnificent frescoes by Giotto. If you visit it, you should walk across its wide squares, porticoes and old cobbled alleyways.

Distance from Venice:
40 km – 25 miles

How to reach Padua from Venice

GPS: 45.2662, 11.7717

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Additional Information

By Train: Arrival train station: Stazione di Padova (Padova Centrale), (a 25 minute ride)

Tourist Office: The city has various tourist info points, in order to get in contact with their staff you should call the switchboard head office by dialing +39 049 2010080.


06. Venetian Villas along the Brenta canal

‘Riviera del Brenta’ is the name of the piece of land stretching between Padova and Venezia. Cruising the Brenta Canal from Venice to Padua could be a nice way to discover the Italian Villas in the area.

Distance of the nearest villa from Venice:
15 km – 10 miles

How to reach the nearest villa from Venice

GPS: 45.43675, 12.20173

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Additional Information

The nearest villa: Villa Foscari,Via dei Turisti, 9, 30034 Mira VE, Italy. T:+39 041 547 0012

Official Website: www.lamalcontenta.com

07. Romantic Verona and its Arena

Verona: stone bridge

The stunning medieval historical center encircles the Roman Arena, which is the second largest amphitheatre after Rome’s Colosseum. Above all, Verona is is known as the city of love, as it is the famous setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Distance from Venice:
55 km – 34,17 miles

How to reach Verona from Venice

By car: GPS 45.2049639,12.2524742,13

By boat: 1h30 – public transportation: battello line19

Local Tourist Information Offices

Address: c/o Palazzo Barbieri (4th floor) – Piazza Bra, 1 – Verona

Find it on Google

T: +39 045 8077774 or +39 045 8077483

Official Website: www.turismoverona.eu

Metropolitan City of Verona: www.tourism.verona.it

08. Vicenza

The city of the Palladian Villas built by famous Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, boasts the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The town alone, features thirty nine UNESCO heritage locations.

Distance from Venice:
75 km – 47 miles

How to reach Vicenza from Venice

GPS: 45.54547, 11.53542

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Additional Information

By Train: Arrival train station: Stazione di Vicenza, along the Milan–Venice railway. You can get on Trenitalia trains leaving either from Venezia Santa Lucia (a 50 minute ride) or Mestre (a 40 minute ride).

Tourist Office: www.vicenzae.org

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