JANUARY 2019 |Top Events in Italy

by Elena Brunello

Which are the best events happening in January 2019 in Italy? Find the complete list by Where Milan. The very best of events in Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily, Naples, the Alps and more.

FAIR | Pitti Man in Florence

8-11 JANUARY  
Florence, Tuscany (Central Italy)
Pitti Immagine is a collection of fashion industry events held in Florence twice a year since 1972. It is considered one of the most important fashion events in the country, together with Milano Fashion Weeks. Pitti Immagine is one of the world’s most important platforms for men’s clothing and accessories and for launching new projects. It is traditionally held at the Fortezza da Basso fortress in Florence.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Pitti Immagine

CHRISTMAS | Living Nativity Scene at Matera

Matera, near Naples and Bari, Basilicata (Southern Italy)
The UNESCO ancient town of Matera is probably one of the most famous destinations in Italy. It has gained international attention and fame thanks to its old town, known as “Sassi di Matera”. Habitations, churches, and monasteries, were carved inside the caverns of Matera’s rocks. In the 1950 the government forced the population out if the old town and relocated them in the New Matera. Visiting Matera is a must if in Italy, especially during Christmas time, when actors enact a living Nativity Scene.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Matera

MUSIC | Opera Season at La Fenice Theatre in Venice

Venice, Veneto (Northern Italy)
One of Venice’s landmarks and main attractions, Teatro la Fenice offers its guests an interesting 2018-2019 season featuring a meld of opera, performances, dance and a fascinating symphonic season.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of La Fenice Opera Theatre

CHRISTMAS MARKET | The Peoples Christmas

Rovereto, near Venice, Trentino Alto Adige (Northern Italy)
The People’s Christmas (Natale dei Popoli) is one of the most famous Christmas-related events in Italy. In the Renaissance town of Rovereto (also home to MART – a beautiful museum) artisans and artists from all over the world gathered in a melting pot of people and cultures. An occasion that celebrates the memory of the fallen of every conflict. Every night hundred of tolls and bells resound in the magic atmosphere.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Natale dei Popoli

FESTIVAL | Florence Light Festival

Florence, Tuscany (Central Italy)
A huge light festival in one the world’s most charming cities. Florence lights up with F-Light: a month of illumination, video mapping, projections, games of light, art installations, and educational activities in more than 15 locations across the city. Monuments, alleys, and squarer shine brighter than ever.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the F-Light Festival

FAIR | Pitti Filati in Florence

Florence, Tuscany (Central Italy)
Pitti Immagine Filati: knitting yarn collections. It is held in Florence, at the Fortezza da Basso, twice per year. New fashion and lifestyle trends start here. Pitti Filati is the main international event for the knitting yarn industry, a research lab and an observatory on global lifestyle trends
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Pitti Immagine

FOOD | Taste of Courmayeur in the Alps

26-28 JANUARY 
Courmayeur, near Milan, Valle d’Aosta (Northern Italy)
From January 26 to January 28 the stylish village of Courmayeur, located in the Alps and ski destination within the most famous in the country, turns into the food capital of the Alps. At The Mountain Sport Center 6 chefs gather with their delicious recipes from the Aosta Valley. A unique opportunity to learn about mountain culture in Italy, ski, and social life.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Taste of Courmayeur

FAIR | Vintage Selection in Florence

Florence, Tuscany (Central Italy)
Vintage Selection is one of the most prestigious international fashion events for quality vintage design. It brings together every year exhibitors and collectors of vintage clothing and accessories from around the world at the Leopolda Station. Vintage Selections is held at the same time of huge fashion event Pitti Filati: a unique moment where fashion professionals and aficionados from all over the world gather in Florence.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Vintage Selection

LOCAL FOLKLORE | Fano Carnival

Fano, near Rome, Marche (Central Italy)
Carnival is a very peculiar festivity in Italy and Fano’s Carnival is the oldest one in the country together with Venice’s. Since 1347 Fano hosts a huge parade with allegorical chariots parading and hundred of masqued people dancing. Sweets and treats of any kind are thrown against the public, while a huge statue of the “pupo” (the most revered personality of the year) is burned down at the end of the parade as a satirical gesture. Carnival is that moment in the year when everything is turned upside down. If you can’t make it to Venice Carnival go to Fano’s one.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Fano’s Carnival

GUIDED TOUR | Gran Sasso National Laboratory of Nuclear Physics

L’Aquila, Abruzzo (Central Italy)
Guided tours to the Gran Sasso National Laboratory (LNGS) of Nuclear Physics. One of the most important laboratories in the world for the study of astrophysics and particle physics, this laboratory is located in the stunning landscapes of the Gran Sasso National Park and it features one of the longest underground tunnels in the world.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Gran Sasso Laboratory

FAIR | Milano Moda Uomo F/W 2019-20

Milan, Lombardy (Northern Italy)
Milano Moda Uomo is the most iconic and traditional fashion event in Milan. One of the most famous fashion fair in the world, together with Paris, it schedules the very best of international brands. Fashion shows, events, parties, conferences, and special openings. Milan appears at its best during this time.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Milano Moda Uomo

LOCAL FOLKLORE | A Very Special Nativity Scene in Cinque Terre

Manarola – near Cinque Terre, Liguria (Northern Italy)
An Italian tradition of the local area, the light presepe (Nativity Scene) of Manarola, Cinque Terre, is certainly a magic sight. More than 250 life-size figures shine on the hills near Manarola until the end of January. A tradition started by a village man and that has now became a must see if in Cinque Terre.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Manarola

EXHIBITION | World Press Photo at Bard Fortress

Bard, near Milan, Valle d’Aosta (Northern Italy)
Every year from the beginning of December to the beginning of January the World Press Photo itinerant exhibition makes its stop at Bard, in Aosta Valley. In the majestic atmosphere of this huge fortress surrounded by the Alps you can explore the most famous photojournalism award. In addition to the World Press Photo of the year, the contest determines winners of General News, People, Sports, Contemporary Issues, Nature, Portraits, Daily Life, and Spot News.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the World Press Photo at Bard Fortress

ANNIVERSARY | International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Different cities of Italy
The International Holocaust Remembrance Day was designed by the United Nations on 1 November 2005. On this occasion, seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, when on 27 January 1945 Soviet troops entered the camp, cities in Italy remember the victims of the Shoah with special visits to the museums, memorials, ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions, and public initiatives.
> Additional info and tickets on the Jewish Community pages of different cities

FAIR | RomArt Art Fair in Rome

Rome, Lazio (Central Italy)
The second edition of RomArt, the International Biennial of Art and Culture, takes place in Rome in the majestic and inspiring spaces of the Domiziano Stadium in legendary Piazza Navona Artists from every continent display works of painting, photography, video, graphics, sculpture, and digital art.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the RomArt Biennial

LOCAL FOLKLORE | Sand Nativity Scenes

Different areas of the Riviera, Emilia Romagna (Northern Italy)
The art of making the presepe (nativity scenes) is something peculiar to Italian culture. From December to October, the Riviera of Emilia Romagna region exhibits huge sand hand-maid nativity scenes in different towns of the region.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Sand Nativity Scenes

SPORT | Serie A League Matches

Different cities, Italy
The Serie A League is one of the best football leagues in the world and it is a professional competition for football clubs in Italy: it has been operating since 1929. The winner is awarded the Coppa dei Campioni d’Italia. Football is a crucial part of the Italian way of life and it is certainly worth seeing a match.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Serie A League

LOCAL FOLKLORE | Nativity Scenes in San Gregorio Armeno

Naples, Campania (Southern Italy)
Nativity scenes are a must in Catholic culture but when in Naples, this tradition changes from simple ritual to art. Neapolitan artisans have been making presepe (nativity scenes) for centuries. In the city area of San Gregorio Armeno there are hundred stalls selling the most original ones. It is no oddity to find a Nativity Scene where Neapolitan house-wives appear next to Jesus while cooking spaghetti or Italian politicians are found as main actors of these scenes. This is a must visit if in Naples.
> No tickets needed

FESTIVAL | Cento Carnival

10-17-24 FEBRUARY
3-10 MARCH 
Cento – near Bologna and Ferrara, Emilia Romagna (Northern Italy)
With its spectacular parades, Cento Carnival is traditionally listed among the most popular carnivals for Italians, usually less crowded with tourists compared to Venice and Viareggio, but not less characteristic. In fact, cento carnival was the first celebration twinned with Rio de Janeiro carnival. Parades usually start from 2pm and go on until 6.30pm. By tradition, stuffed animals and toys are thrown from the carts to the public.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Cento Carnival

SPORT | Serie A Rugby Matches

Different areas, Italy
Serie A is the biggest rugby championship in Italy and it is held every year from October to May. The championship is composed of 4 leagues and 6 teams, playing at home and away. The 2 winning teams of Serie A play against each other in a final match to determine the Eccellenza competition of the following season.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the FIR Serie A

MUSIC | Opera Season in Florence at Maggio Musicale

Florence, Tuscany (Central Italy)
The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino is an annual arts festival held in Florence and that includes a very important opera festival. Giuseppe Verdi’s Traviata, George Bizet’s Carmen, Mozart’s and Shostakovich’s concerts are just some of the events on the schedule.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Maggio Fiorentino Festival

LOCAL FOLKLORE | Viareggio Carnival

9-17-23 FEBRUARY
Together with Venice, Fano, and Ivrea, the Carnival of Viareggio is one of the most famous in Italy and Europe. It is held annually in the tuscan city of Viareggio with parade of floats and masks made of paper-pulp depicting caricatures of popular people such as sportsmen, politicians, and showmen. A huge satiric masquerade alongside the beach. Worth going.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Viareggio Carnival

CHRISTMAS MARKET | Vipiteno Christmas Market

Vipiteno, near Venice, Trentino Alto Adige (Northern Italy)
Situated at almost 1,000 metres above sea level, Vipiteno is a charming small Alpine village located in the Dolomites. Artisans and artists gather in front of the Zwolferturm, built in 1486. Freshly baked pastries, the aroma of mulled wine, local craftsmen and Christtmas tree decorations fill the stalls. Enjoy the magical atmosphere of Advent in the village’s alleys and squares.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Vipiteno Christmas Market

CHRISTMAS MARKET | Bolzano’s Magic Atmosphere

Bolzano, near Venice, Trentino Alto Adige (Northern Italy)
The region of Trentino Alto Adige is famous for its magic atmosphere during Christmas. Surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Dolomites, almost one hundred stalls fill the alleys of the town of Bolzano with their typical products. A stone’s throw from the region’s legendary ski resorts this is a must visit if you happen to be in Italy during Christmas.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Bolzano’s Christmas Market

CHRISTMAS MARKET | Bressanone Christmas Market

Bressanone, near Venice, Trentino Alto Adige (Northern Italy)
Nestling around the splendid cathedral, encircled by proud, centuries-old buildings, visitors are met by a colourful world of tempting scents and unique flavours. Unforgettable insights into traditional arts and handicrafts and coach rides for the entire family round off the festive offering. Cribs, made in laborious manual labor, carved wooden figures, candles, glass and ceramic manufactures fascinate and please the eye of the viewer. Taste the typical specialities from Valle Isarco and enjoy the unique atmosphere on the cathedral square.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Bressanone’s Christmas Market

LOCAL FOLKLORE | The Carnival of Putignano in Apulia


3,5 MARCH 
Putignano, near Bari and Brindisi, Apulia (Southern Italy)
Carnival is a very special festivity for Italy. It precedes the 40 days of partial fasting before Easter and it is the day when everything is allowed: satire, irony, jokes, and huge amounts of food. Masquerade parades are typical of the Carnival and there are a few very famous. In Southern Italy the Apulian village of Putignano hosts the most famous one with huge chariots with locals masks in papier-maché as “Farinella”, music, dances, and local products sold everywhere.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Carnival of Putignano

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