Jan: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

by Giulia Minero
International Holocaust Remembrance Day photo credits Ted Eytan under c.c. 2.0 licence

Venice, as well as all Italy, dedicates a full day to remember the anniversary of the Holocaust in Europe with a full programme of commemorative events.

Shoah in Europe

Militaries of the Red Army opened the gates of Auschwitz-Birkenau on 27 January and freed prisoners who had survived the extermination in the Nazi concentration camp. On this day allied entered the camp and revealed one of the most atrocious crimes of the history of the human race: the Shoah. Soon afterwards it was discovered that 6 million Jews were deported and killed since the beginning of the 1930s to 1945.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Italy

Children in Auschwitz

On 20 July 2000, the Italian Republic established the International Holocaust Remembrance Day with the introduction of a law, whose first article marks 27 January as a symbolic date to remember the Shoah, the persecution of Italian Jew citizens, racial laws, imprisonment, deportation and to commemorate the heroes who sacrificed their lives to save and protect other people.

What to do on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Venice

Pietre d'Inciampo Venice

While in Venice, one of the best ways to remember the Shoah could be visiting the Jewish ghetto and discover the history of the local Jewish community. While walking throughout the Ghetto, look for the ‘Pietre d’Inciampo’ – Italian name for Stolperstein – small brass-covered stones (see picture) commemorating deportees and located in front of the house they used to live in.

Or even, head to the Jewish Museum located in sestiere Cannaregio. This ‘dispersed museum’ gathers the Ghetto, synagogues and an ancient cemetery all-in-one and contains a small but precious collection of artefacts related to the long history of the Jews in Venice.

Special events are organised on a yearly schedule and cover museums and public institutions.

Find information about the International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017 on the official website

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