Historical Cafes and Pastry Shops in Venice

by Stefania Vida
Gran Caffè Quadri

Whether you’re in search of a cup of coffee, a snack or an aperitivo, Venice offers an incredible variety of bars and pastry shops, where you can stop after a long day’s sightseeing. Where® offers you a pick of the best places to take a relaxing break, from the most modern venues to more historic locations boasting a retro atmosphere for a real trip back in time

A map of these venues follows

01. Caffè Florian

Caffè Florian

One of Venice’s most famous cafés with its glittering neo-Baroque décor and attractive 19th-century wall panels, Caffè Florian is located in the heart of St. Mark’s Square. The oldest café in Italy, Florian is steeped in history. Opened on 29 December 1720 by Floriano Francesconi, under the name of ‘Alla Venezia Trionfante’, it was simply re-christened Florian by its regulars, who included celebrities such as Casanova, Goldoni, Canaletto and Guardi.

Phone: +39 041 5205641

Address: Piazza San Marco, 57

Water boat: Vaporetto line 1 or 2 (San Marco stop)

GPS: 45.4336, 12.33822

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02. Caffè Lavena

Orchestra at Caffé Lavena

Since 1750, Caffè Lavena, situated in a corner at the foot of the Clock Tower in front of the Basilica, has been one of the most renowned coffee shops in Venice. Known by the Venetians of those days as the ‘Caffè dei Foresti’ (The Foreigners’ cafè), it was mainly frequented by an international clientele.

Phone: +39 041 5224070

Address: Piazza San Marco, 133/134

Water boat: Vaporetto line 1 or 2 (Rialto stop)

GPS: 45.43452, 12.3385

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03. Dal Mas

Chocolate creations by Dal Mas

Located just a few minutes from the railway station, this pastry shop offers a triumph of traditional sweet treats for breakfast (in addition to croissants, try their ‘zaleti’, ‘pan dei Dogi’ and ‘sbreghettine’). Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted to know that Dal Mas is also a chocolate shop where you can find single servings of mousse, mini Sacher torte, ‘cannoli’ and brightly coloured macarons.

Phone: +39 041 715101

Address: Cannaregio, 149/a (Rio Terà Lista de Spagna)

Water boat: Vaporettoline 1, 3, 4.2, 5.2 (Ferrovia stop)

GPS: 45.44196, 12.32336

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04. Gran Caffè Quadri

Interior Gran Caffè Quadri

Nestling in St. Mark’s Square, with its ornate stucco mouldings, 18th-century murals, huge mirrors and polished wooden furniture, Quadri is every inch the historical café. People, including habitués like Stendhal, Wagner, Proust and Woody Allen, have been drinking at this historic venue since 1638.

Phone: +39 041 5222105

Address: Piazza San Marco, 121

Water boat: Vaporetto line 1 or 2 (Rialto stop)

GPS: 45.43462, 12.33881

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05. Harry's Bar

Harry's Bar

Founded in the 1930s, this legendary bar is renowned for its Bellini cocktails and for being the favourite haunt, since it first opened, of almost every famous name to visit Venice. Today, it is still a must-visit stopover for anyone visiting Venice, a perfect opportunity to step back in time and savour its slightly retro and incredibly fascinating atmosphere. An ideal venue at any time of day, either for lunch or dinner, but also for a truly trademark aperitivo!

Phone: +39 041 5285777

Address: San Marco, 1323 (Calle Vallaresso)

Water boat: Vaporetto line 1 or 2 (Vallaresso stop)

GPS: 45.43251, 12.3372

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06. Harry's Dolci

Harry's Dolci

Harry’s Dolci, a bar and restaurant, offers a peaceful view of the Canal with outdoor tables facing the Giudecca Canal. The people at the famed Harry’s Dolci have established their latest enclave on this rarely visited island, far from the madding crowds of Piazza San Marco. From the quayside windows of this chic place, you can watch seagoing vessels, from yachts to lagoon barges.

Phone: +39 041 5224844

Address: Fondamenta S. Biagio, 773 (Giudecca)

Water boat: Vaporetto linea 4.1 (Palanca stop)

GPS: 45.42714, 12.32308

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07. Pasticceria Italo Didovich

Traditional frolla by Italo Didovich

Should you find yourself in the vicinity of Campo Santa Marina (just a little off the beaten tourist track), make a beeline for this excellent pastry shop, which has stood here for the past 40 years. In addition to ‘frolle’ and rice and almond pastries, it also offers several tantalizing delicacies.

Phone: +39 041 5230017

Address:  Campo Santa Marina (Castello)

Water boat: Vaporetto line 1 or 2 (Rialto stop)

GPS: 45.43831, 12.33924

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08. Pasticceria Rosa Salva

A creation by Pasticceria Rosa Salva

This institution has three separate shops in Venice. The first is in San Marco-Calle Fiubera: its historic headquarters, permeated by the aromas of its nearby pastry kitchen. The next is in San Marco-Mercerie: aperitivi and quick snacks that can be enjoyed in between browsing the shops lining le Mercerie, the shopping street that connects the Rialto to St. Mark’s Square. The last is in Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo.

Phone (Calle Fiubera): +39 041 5210544

Phone (Mercerie): +39 041 5227934

Phone (Campo San Giovanni e Paolo): +39 041 5227949

Address 1:  San Marco (Calle Fiubera)

Address 2: San Marco (Mercerie)

Address 3: Castello (Campo San Giovnni e Paolo)

Water boat: Vaporetto line 1 or 2 (Rialto stop)

GPS address 1: 45.43515, 12.33784

GPS address 2: 45.43563, 12.33846

GPS address 3:  45.43921, 12.34127

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09. Rizzardini

Sweet treats by Rizzardini

Since 1742, the traditional sweet treats sold at this pastry shop have tempted the palates of Venetian locals and visitors alike, thanks to the high quality of its products, its atmosphere and eye-catching window displays. Must-try’s include its biscuits and, at Carnival, its utterly delectable ‘fritole’ , small fried doughnuts.

Phone: +39 041 5223835

Address: San Polo, 1415

Water boat: Vaporetto line 1 (Rialto Mercato or San Silvestro stop)

GPS: 45.43727, 12.33117

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