Be Ready for Venice Biennale: Tickets and Other Tips

by Romena Brugnerotto
Gardens of the Biennale

A guide to getting ready to spending unforgettable days at the Biennale at some of Venice’s most beautiful locations.

Tickets for Venice Biennale

The organizers of the Venice Biennale offer different types of tickets: forget about visiting the Giardini and the Arsenale in just one day. It’s advisable to opt for a multi-entry ticket so that you can enjoy the experience to the full without exhausting yourself.

Eat before setting off

Access to the Biennale

Before setting out, make sure that you’re well equipped: have a large breakfast and bring bottled water and something to snack on, like fruit or dried fruit, with you. If you suffer from low blood pressure, a few sticks of liquorice are also advisable.

Eating at Venice Biennale

Quick snack at Venice Biennale

Once you get there, food isn’t a problem because both locations offer well-equipped catering areas, including bars and restaurants. Try to avoid eating at 1pm, the set time for lunch in Italy. Plan on spending at least 4 hours at each location. This will give you time to sit down when you’re tired of walking and enable you to either enjoy some respite from the heat or watch a video installation.

Enjoy Guided Tours

Guided Tours of Venice Biennale

If you have any questions about the works displayed, and you’re bound to have many, don’t hesitate to ask for help from either the pavilion assistants or other members of staff carrying Ipads and wearing ‘ask me’ T-shirts. Additionally, guided tours designed to enhance your viewing experience are available on a daily basis. Those in search of a personal guide should contact Best Venice Guide which also organizes tours for children.

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