Fondazione Prada, Contemporary Art Gallery

by Elena Peverata
Fondazione Prada in Venice, phoo credits courtesy Fondazione Prada

Hosted in a place that, in turn, has been reborn to life as a location of art, Fondazione Prada is a reference point for lovers of contemporary art.

The name Prada has become legendary throughout the world for causing a revolution in the fashion industry, and for the past few years, it has also been inextricably linked to another important sphere – contemporary art. Established in 1993 by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, Fondazione Prada is an institution dedicated to contemporary art and culture. In addition to its first exhibition site in Milan, the Foundation opened its Venetian headquarters and exhibition space at Ca’ Corner della Regina, an 18th-century palazzo overlooking the Grand Canal. Thanks to its breathtaking architecture and storied past, the palace has become a part of the Foundation, which is currently working on a meticulous restoration project of the building, divided into various stages, under the auspices of a Venetian bureau that protects architectural heritage.

The hall to Fondazione Prada, photo credits courtesy Fondazione Prada
The hall to Fondazione Prada, photo credits courtesy Fondazione Prada



Wed-Mon 10am-6pm. Closed on Tuesday.

Full ticket: 10 euro
Reduced ticket: 8 euro

Santa Croce, 2215 (Ca’ Corner della Regina)

Sestiere Santa Croce

WATER BOAT: Vaporetto line 1 (San Stae or Rialto Mercato stop)

+39 041 8109161


GPS: 45.44025, 12.33168
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