Local Seafood: 4 Main Courses You Should Try in Venice

by Stefano Traine
Fish main courses

After discovering some of the most traditional seafood delicacies, it's time to enjoy a selection of typical main courses featuring local freshly caught fish and authentic Venetian flavours that will make your mouth water!

Sarde in Saor

Sarde in saor
Sarde in saor, photo credits IGer @diegos_kitchen

Possibly the most ancient of all Venetian recipes, the dish originated on fishing vessels. This dish consists of fried fresh sardine fillets, marinated in gently cooked white onions, usually with vinegar, raisins and pine nuts.

Frito de Moeche

Frito de Moeche with polenta
Frito de Moeche with polenta photo credits IGer @silvialban

‘Moeche’ are young crabs that are caught shortly after they have shed their baby shells and have yet to grow their adult ones. They are usually served after being fried in a flour batter and boiling oil. Locals also are also used to eating moche as antipasto (the Italian word for appetizer) or as a seasoning for pasta dishes.

Seppioline alla Veneziana

Seppioline alla Veneziana
Seppioline alla Veneziana photo credits IGer @dadatoday

A typical local standout consisting in cuttlefish cooked with their own black ink and served on a bed of polenta.

Bisato su l'Ara

Bisato su l'Ara
Bisato su l'Ara

A historical recipe originated in Murano and then widely spread in all Venetian islands featuring pieces of stone-cooked eel.

Find some of Venice’s best restaurants serving local dishes!

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