July: Feast of the Redeemer

by Giulia Minero
Fireworks for the Feast of the Redeemer


A centuries-long tradition

Each year, on the third Sunday of July, Venice commemorates the city’s salvation from the plague in the 16th century with a celebration known as the ‘Feast of the Redeemer, Festa del Redentore in Italian. A religious holiday and spectacular event much loved by the people of Venice and tourists alike. The highlight of the event – held on Saturday night at 11.30pm – is a fireworks display that attracts thousands of spectators. The Feast of the Redeemer kicks off with the opening of the pontoon bridge connecting the Zattere to the Church of the Redeemer on the Island of Giudecca, and the presentation of the Venetian regatta boat crews. The Regattas of the Redeemer are held on Sunday in the Giudecca Canal and the event ends at 7pm with a Votive Mass at the Church of the Redeemer on the Island of Giudecca.

Live the Feast of the Redeemer like a local

Though the Feast of the Redeemer is now a famus celebration both for Venetians and tourists, real locals have kept some of their traditions unaltered and have developed new habits to combine religious celebrations to the utmost of fun. On this occasion, indeed, locals enjoy watching the show of fireworks lighting up the bay on a privileged, unspoilt position while sitting on small, private boats gathered in the lagoon. Gondole, Gondolete, Batèle, Còfani, Mascarète, Bragozzi, Sanpieròte, Sàndoli are just some of the boats used by authentic Venetians to enjoy the show, filled to overflowing with local delicacies to have a waterside picnic.

The participation to the Feast of the Redeemer is free and open to everyone. Some of the best hotels in the city offer special packages including a gourmet dinner or cocktail with panoramic view on the fireworks.

The event is traditionally scheduled the third Saturday and Sunday of July and lasts from 4pm of the Saturday to 7pm of Sunday.

All events are held on the Island of Giudecca.
Sestiere Dorsoduro

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