Exhibition: Maya, the Language of Beauty – from Mexico to Verona

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8 Oct 2016 - 5 Mar 2017


9:30am - 7:30pm

Verona and Nearby Area

Thanks to Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), an extraordinary collection of 250 objects of great historical and cultural value will be on display at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia


The exhibition is made of over 250 pieces borrowed from Mexico’s leading museums, and is patronised by the Government of Mexico, the Mexican Ministry of Culture and the INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History – Mexico’s Ministry of Culture), and curated by Karina Romero Blanco.

Pieces on display include sculptures, monumental stone slabs, architectural elements, terracottas, jade masks, musical instruments and incense burners.

The exhibition offers a new look at Mayan art that goes behind the archaeological interpretation, it is an attempt to identify its masters, schools and styles through the three great periods during which the Maya civilization flourished – the Preclassic, Classic and Postclassic – from 2000 BCE to 1542 CE, are explained through masterpieces of Maya art.

The Mayan civilization is also illustrated through the reconstruction of ancient architecture and everyday objects, all from Mexico’s most important museums, such as the Museo Nacional de Antropología (Mexico City), the Museo Regional de Antropología Palacio Cantón (Mérida, Yucatán), the Museo Arqueológico del Camino Real de Hecelchakán (Hecelchakán, Campeche), and the many archaeological sites of the most important Mayan cities including Calakmul, Chichen Itza, Palenque and Uxmal.

The exhibition in Verona reveals the results of the latest scientific research on the Maya and enables readers to read their texts directly, and to explore exciting topics such as the prophecies, the end of the thirteenth baktun (21 December 2012) and the secrets of the Long Count, a cycle of 5125.3661 years that began its “rotation” on the day of creation, which for the Maya was 6 September 3114 BCE.


Regular ticket 14 € (audio guide included), reductions available.
Info and booking T: + 39 045 853221


Last admission 1 hour prior closing time.
Open also on 1 Nov, 8 Dec, 24 Dec, 25 Dec, 26 Dec, 31 Dec, 1 Jan, 6 Jan.


Palazzo della Gran Guardia
Piazza Brà, 1

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