Events Happening During Christmas 2018 in Venice

by Giulia Minero
Christmas in Venice


23 Dec 2018 - 8 Jan 2019


Different hours

City of Venice - Different Areas


Christmas in Venice is even more special thanks to lights, unique festive atmospheres and a rich event calendar. Unfortunately, some of the major events held in these days have not been announced yet as they will be communicated in Fall. Here you will find some that are already scheduled. Stay tuned to keep up to date...


Only on 26 December, at 5pm and 8.30pm

The Swan Lake at Teatro Goldoni

Christmas 'en pointe': the Swan Lake is the absolute protagonist of Teatro Goldoni.

Teatro Goldoni celebrates the greatest time of the year with a live performance of one of the most well-loved classics of ballet: the Swan Lake. A prestigious ensemble – Moscow State Classical Ballet – dancing on the music by Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij alongside with étoiles of the Russian classical dance scene, the Russian Stars turn the show into a not-to-be-missed event.  Curated settings and extreme expertise of the performers accurately selected by étoile and choreographer Liudmila Titova imbue this interpretation of the Swan Lake with a magnetic attire.

Address: Teatro Goldoni, San Marco 4650/B – Sestiere San Marco 

Official Website: (in Italian only)

Water boat: Vaporetto lines 1, 2 (San Marco stop)

Tickets starting from 36 euro.

Please note that this performance is not included in annual subscriptions. Reductions available.

Find tickets online on the official website of Teatro Goldoni.


Until 8 January 2017

In 2011 the traditional Christmas tree was sponsored by Thun

The majestic tree will be (like in the last years) situated right next to the Basilica of San Marco, in piazzetta dei Leoncini, and this year it will become a sort of ‘tree of words’, recalling the ancient cultural tradition of the ‘ema’, small plaques of wood on which Shintoists often wrote their prayers or wishes. Initially, the tree will be decorated with wooden plaques, hand-engraved by Venetian calligraphers, featuring the poems of artists from all over the world. Later on, the tree will be enhanced by the words, dreams and hopes of citizens, invited by local businesses to express their thoughts on a piece of wood shaped like a house. A luminous gift, a journey of light dedicated to mankind and his culture, reflected in the beauty of Venice.

Address: San Marco, 328

Water boat: Vaporetto lines 1, 2 (San Marco stop)

GPS: 45.434416, 12.340058

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On 17 and 18 December 2018, starting at 8pm.

orchestra teatro la fenice theatre
orchestra teatro la fenice theatre

The traditional Christmas concert at the famous St.Mark's Basilica is held by the orchestra of Teatro La Fenice.

Saint Mark’s Basilica becomes the ideal stage to the best of liturgies from the 18th century performed by the Solisti della Cappella Marciana (Soloists from the Cappella Marciana) conducted by Maestro Marco Gemmani.

About the atmosphere, it’s exactly as written by journalist Martin Buckley for the Guardian: “The basilicas aren’t well-heated, and the seats are unpadded; Venetian men arrive swaddled in scarves and homburgs, their companions in quivering minks and fox-furs, like competitors in a sort of human Crufts. […] With the great doors open onto the square, the air is icy. The gold-lined basilica feels like the inside of a giant Fabergé egg. A thousand candles find a million reflections in the Byzantine mosaics, a simulacrum of the heavens. Cumuli of incense curl upwards. You have, from your position in the heart of the throng, an impression of crimson robes and gold crucifixes held high.”

Address: St. Mark’s Square

Water boat: Vaporetto lines 1,2 (san Marco Vallaresso stop)

Phone: +39 0412424 (Venice Tourist Office)

Official Website:

Please note that this performance is not included in annual subscriptions.

Find tickets online on the official website of Teatro La Fenice.


From 4 December

A new event entitled “Venezia: poesia e luce”. This is a ‘gift’ of illumination and poetry which will take visitors on tour that starts in Calle Larga XXII Marzo and ends in St. Mark’s’Square. The tour is organized like a book, to be leafed through page after page. The aim of the idea, conceived by the Associazione Piazza San Marco, is to illuminate the area with a new light at Christmas thanks to a combination of visual arts and poetry. The program will be divided into two parallel experiences: an artistic project curated by Marco Nereo Rotelli and the traditional Christmas tree in St. Mark's Square, dressed 'with words' (see above). The artist returns to Venice, his birthplace, with a luminous work that transcends the boundaries of art to bring a ‘poetic’ dimension to the heart of the city. Participants include international poets, such as Magda Carneci (Romania), Carlos J Aldazabal (Argentina), Mark Axelrod (USA), Tahar Bekri (Tunisia), Bir Hikaye (Turkey).

Address: St. Mark’s Square, Calle Larga XXII Marzo, Campo San Moisè

Instagram: #veneziapoesiaeluce

GPS: 45.43452, 12.33972

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I Musici Veneziani: 18th century costumed orchestra

27 - 30 December 2018

Musici Veneziani, a 18th Century Costumed Orchestra in Venice
Musici Veneziani, a 18th Century Costumed Orchestra in Venice

Formed in 1996, the well-known orchestra, I Musici Veneziani comprises musicians dressed in typical 18th-century Venetian costumes and jewellery, the orchestra and singers perform classical music concerts in the Rialto district.

Followimng a well-established tradition, on 27 and 29 December (at 8.30pm), I Musici Veneziani treat the audience to a touching rendition of Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: four concerti for violin and strings, each of which gives a musical expression to a season of the year. The program is also enhanced by three other major concerti for strings.
On 28 and 30 December (at 8.30pm), the orchestra and singers of I Musici Veneziani will perform the most beautiful arias of the Baroque lyrical tradition in an Opera Concert.

Address: Scuola Grande di San Teodoro (Campo San Salvador) – San Marco

Official Website: