Dopolavoro: Michelin-Starred Italian Cuisine

by Stefania Vida
Dopolavoro Restaurant

A private island dedicated to taste


Fashion addicts rejoice! Famous designer Armani has chosen the beautiful city of Venice for his new ‘home’ and has taken up residence in the San Marco Sestiere, an exclusive district to host a boutique that is just as exclusive.

An island of taste. We’re not referring to Stevenson’s Treasure Island or Peter Pan’s Neverland but the Island of Roses, an oasis of taste, and home to starred restaurant Dopolavoro.

The name ‘Dopolavoro’, meaning‘after work’ in Italian, says it all. After a day exploring Venice’s labyrinthine streets and treasures, it’s time to relax and indulge in some gourmet fare on an exclusive island only 16 hectares in length. Dopolavoro is an oasis of taste located on the magnificent Island of Roses, the ‘youngest’ island in the Venetian lagoon (founded in 1870), where Chef Giancarlo Perbellini skillfully combines tradition with creativity and originality, making him the star of the kitchen. Thanks to its position, midway between the lagoon and the sea, and to the marine currents that generate a particularly mild and cool microclimate, the island boasts a wealth of vegetation unmatched elsewhere in Venice.
This includes an olive grove from whose hundreds of trees the island’s olive oil is produced. The first thing that strikes guests arriving at this enchanted venue is the building’s original, picturesque façade, which dates back to 1936. Today it is the kingdom of one of Italy’s most acclaimed chefs, ‘an artisan cook’ as he likes to describe himself, who combines a mastery of tradition with virtuosity and the expertise to upgrade Italy’s famous cuisine. Only 6 months after its official opening, the Dopolavoro restaurant was awarded a Michelin star by Italy’s Michelin Guide. Guest amenities include a free shuttle launch that connects the island to the private docking station in St. Mark’s Square (in front of the Giardinetti Reali).

A table at Dopolavoro restaurant



Opening Hours:
Open seasonally from 7 April to October 2017. Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Mon-Thurs-Fri 7pm-10pm.
Sat-Sun12.30pm-2pm and 7pm-10pm.

c/o JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa
Isola delle Rose, San Marco Lagoon

Water boat: private shuttle from Saint Mark’s Square

Official Website:

GPS: 45.40616, 12.32213

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