Coronavirus: What Can You do in Venice

by Giulia Minero
A landscape image of Venice

Although the region of Veneto has reportedly declared some cases of people positive to Coronavirus tests, there is NO NEED to cancel your trips to Venice. What to do if you had already planned your trip to Venice? You can still enjoy your stay, just remembering to follow some key rules. Discover them all here.

What is going on

Between the end of February and early March, a small number of people living in the region of Veneto – whose capital city is Venice – were found positive to the Covid-19 virus. This resulted into the introduction of health and safety measures to avoid the gathering of a large number of people in closed spaces, to avoid possible transmissions when the virus was being studied by specialised laboratories and medical teams. Please note that these safety measures – which involved the closing of schools, museums and theatres – were just temporary and do not prevent visitors to Venice to fully enjoy their stay in the city of the Lagoon. This means that you DON’T HAVE TO WORRY as you can still get the most of your vacation, though just following some simple, yet fundamental hygienic rules.

What can you do on your visit

After a few-day-closing, the civic museums in Venice have re-opened the doors to visits. This means that you can still enjoy your favourite exhibitions provided that you keep a distance of 1 metre from the other visitors at the museum. The same safety distance must be kept when queueing at ticket offices. For the moment, cinemas and thetres are still closed, though you can still admire some of the city’s landmarks such as Teatro la Fenice from the outside during an energizing walk in these sunny days. Rialto Market, Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark’s Square), the Jewish Ghetto are some of the landmarks that you can currently enjoy at their best on a stroll through the city. When in Piazza San Marco, you can also take advantage of a special initiative powered by some of the most historical and well-known bars, restaurants and cafès in the city: for each drink purchased at a number of selected bars, the bar owners will offer a free one. The initiative lasts for all March, daily from 5pm to 8pm and can be enjoyed at these venues: Gran Caffè Florian, Gran Caffè Lavena, Gran Caffè Quadri, Caffè Aurora, Caffè Chioggia and Gelateria Al Todaro. Moreover, please keep in mind that restaurants – even the Michelin-starred ones – are currently open according to their regular opening hours.

Fundamental hygienic rules

Though vaporetti and water taxis are constantly cleaned with specific products and are operating according to their regular routes and timetables, visitors to Venice as well as to any other city in Italy are asked to follow these basic hygienic rules issued by the Italian Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Health and by the World Health Organization.

– wash you hands many times, with water and soap at least for 20 seconds

– avoid contact with people suffering from severe respiratory issues

– don’t touch your eyes, mouth and nose with your hands

– cover your mouth and nose if you happen to be coughing or sneezing

– do not take antibiotics or anti-viral medicines unless under a doctor’s prescription

– clean surfaces with alcohol or chlorine-based products

– use a mask only if you doubt being ill or assist ill people

– remember that Made in China products and boxes from China are not dangerous

– in case you travelled from China in the last 14 days and happen to have flu or cough, please contact T: 1500

– pets and animals, in general, do not take and transmit the virus

Moreover, when greeting someone you are advised not to kiss or hug the other person, as well as not shake hands.