The City of Chioggia, a Picturesque Fisherman’s Village [55Km from Venice]

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The city of Chioggia

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Also known as ‘little Venice’, thanks to its scenic canals, which are the focus of its urban layout, Chioggia is perched on the Southern tip of Venice’s Lagoon. With its colourful houses, set closely together and intermittently interspersed with majestic churches and austere, aristocratic palazzi, Chioggia has maintained all the distinctive features of a fishing village. The most ancient part, a maze consisting of labyrinthine alleys and canals spread across a handful of islets resembles a docked ship, and is only connected to the mainland by a few streets, one of which leads to the long beach of Sottomarina, a perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing break.

Local Tourist Information Office: (only in Italian) 

GPS: 45.21986, 12.27901

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Boat: you can reach Chioggia from Venice by boat (battello) in 1h30 minutes by using public transportation

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