Bistrò da Cici, Traditional Venetian Cuisine in Dorsoduro

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Stefano Bison, executive Chef of Bistro da Cicì

Venetian cuisine, tradition and creativity



Stefano Bison, a 37-year-old native of Treviso, started his career at some of Europe’s most prestigious starred restaurants and hotels. When asked to choose a signature dish that best represents his style of cooking, Bistrò da Cici’s Executive Chef said that he would choose a fish dish… from the lagoon naturally!

Tradition and Innovation

At Bistrò da Cici, a venue located amidst the ‘calli’ surrounding the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Basilica della Salute, the culinary experience of la Serenissima lives on thanks to a menu that focuses on traditional dishes upgraded with a twist, seasonal products and local specialities.
Formerly a meeting place for Venice’s cultural elite in the ‘60s and a reference point for artists collaborating with Peggy Guggenheim, the restaurant’s brigade is helmed by chef Stefano Bison, a Venetian with a cosmopolitan calling. After working at several of Europe’s most prestigious restaurants, Stefano decided to return to the cuisine (and region) of his origin. “Tradition is an essential part of my philosophy. Our mothers and grandmothers always cooked traditional dishes, using seasonal ingredients. My aim is to do exactly the same thing”, explains Bison. “I manage to combine tradition with innovation by using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Rather than altering them, I try to enhance them by using modern culinary techniques and tools.”

Black cuttlefish rice at Bistro da Cicì
Black cuttlefish rice at Bistro da Cicì



Open daily from breakfast to dinner

c/o Hotel Salute Palace
Dorsoduro 222/a

sestiere Dorsoduro


+39 041 5235404


GPS: 45.42982, 12.33278

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