Best Spots For Photos in Venice

by Romena Brugnerotto
Taking pictures in Venice

Visitors to Venice always bring a camera with them hoping to capture the essence of the city. This is not always easy and weather is a common concern for all photographers. There are days in which the sky is so clear that you can see the mountains lying behind Venice.

A map of this venue follows

The Bell Tower of San Giorgio

Saint George's Bell Tower

Seize the moment and climb to the top of the Bell Tower of San Giorgio, where you’ll have a bird’s-eye view over the city.

Address: San Giorgio Maggiore Island

Water boat: Vaporetto 2 (San Giorgio stop)

GPS: 45.42941, 12.3432

T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi

A new favourite aerial observation point, especially at sunset, is the highly sought after terrace of T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Venice’s lavish, high-end shopping centre (please note that weekends can get crowded and you might have to queue).

Address: Fontego dei Tedeschi
Calle del Fontego

Water boat: Vaporetto lines 1, 2, 5.2, A, N (Rialto C stop)

Phone: +39 041 3142000

GPS: 45.43831, 12.33647

Rialto Fish Market

Rialto Fish Market credits Lucia Corniani

Are you interested in capturing real life scenes rather than monuments? In the mornings, head to the Rialto Fish Market, where the locals and restaurant owners purchase fresh fish. However, remember that markets are above all places of business, so you can understand how vendors feel when a photographer ‘hogs’ the space in front of their stall waiting for the ‘perfect’ image. We therefore suggest that you work quickly, without getting in the way of the business people.

Address: Campo della Pescheria (San Polo)

Water boat: Vaporetto line 1, N  (Rialto Mercato stop)

Phone: +39 041 2747981

GPS: 45.43973, 12.33444

Lino Fritto

While in the area, you can stop in at one of the nearby bars; try an aperitivo or a ‘cicchetto’ at Lino Fritto. Where ‘real life’ scenes are concerned, make sure to snap a few photos of Venice’s Aperitivo hour, the time when Venetians relax, socialise and prepare their palates and stomachs for dinner.

Address: San Polo, 319

Water boat: Vaporetto line 1, N  (Rialto Mercato stop)

Phone: +39 041 822 0298

GPS: 45.43952, 12.33394

Campo Santa Margherita or Fondamenta della Misericordia

Campo Santa Margherita credits La Città Vita under c.c 2.0 licence

Take a tour of the areas around Campo Santa Margherita or the Fondamenta della Misericoria, where you can even drink a Spritz, the Venetian aperitivo par excellence, on a boat.

Address: Fondamenta della Misericordia (Cannaregio)

GPS: 45.44411, 12.33289


Taking nighttime photographs of the city can also be a unique experience. Don your walking shoes and set out from the Zattere because the Giudecca offers numerous interesting views, when lit up.

Address: Fondamenta delle Zattere (Dorsoduro)

Water boat: Vaporetto line 2, 5.2, 6, N  (Zattere stop)

GPS: 45.42915, 12.3268

One of Venice's Bridges

Accademia Bridge

What happens when it’s foggy, a fairly usual occurrence in Venice? Dismal days shouldn’t stop you from capturing some amazing shots of the city’s churches and ‘palazzi’. Stand on one of the city’s many bridges, the bridge of the Accademia is a good option, and find the right light to work with.

Address: Ponte dell’Accademia (Dorsoduro)

Water boat: Vaporetto line 1, 2, A, N  (Accademia stop)

GPS: 45.43145, 12.32877

Beaches of Alberoni and Pellestrina

Finally, if you’re a fan of winter seascapes, head to the beaches of either Alberoni or Pellestrina, which still boast traces of their original wild nature.

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