Bassano del Grappa: the Charming Home to Grappa [83km from Venice]

by Romena Brugnerotto
Bassano del Grappa, photo credits Museshare under c.c 3.0 licence

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Bassano del Grappa

This picturesque town lying at the foot of the mountains is renowned for its namesake spirit, grappa. Its Palladian covered wooden bridge over the River Brenta is a highlight of the small historic centre. Also known at the Ponte Vecchio or the Ponte Alpini, it serves as a reminder of the events that took place during World War I. The city is also famous for its centuries-old production of handcrafted ceramics that you can purchase at one of the town’s many shops.


While in the area, make sure to book a guided tour of one of the distilleries that produce grappa, Italy’s ‘acquavite’ of choice. One of the most famous is Poli. Located in via Gamba 6, this renowned distillery also boasts a must-visit Grappa Museum. At the end of the tour, guests will be treated to a tasting session, accompanied by sweet or savoury snacks. Opened in December 2010, and located at number 8 Salita Ferracina, Palazzo delle Misture is the ideal spot for a pre or post-dinner drink. In addition to an excellent selection of local wines, the venue also features an entire room dedicated to absinth, where you can taste historical brands dating from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

Grappa Musum
Bassano's Grappa Musum

In-town top destinations:

Ponte Vecchio
Poli Museo della Grappa
Ceramics Museum – Palazzo Sturm
Museo degli Alpini – Alpino Museum

Nearby area:

City of Marostica, home to the human chess game
City of Vicenza

Bassano del Grappa Tourist Information Office: (in Italian only)

GPS: 45.76572, 11.72727

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