FREE MAP of Venice Art Galleries and the Fine Arts District

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Are you looking for modern and contemporary art galleries selling antiques and great handycraft in Venice?

Due to its concentration of artists, galleries and artisanal workshops reminiscent of the famous Parisian district, there are those who consider it ‘the Montmartre of Venice’. The area of San Samuele in the Sestiere San Marco is densely populated with places of undeniable artistic interest, located in a handful of streets tucked away between Campo Santo Stefano – one of the city’s largest and most vibrant squares – and Palazzo Grassi, ranked among Venice’s most important exhibition spaces, following its acquisition by the Pinault Foundation. In this area, modern and contemporary art galleries are interspersed with antiques shops and artisans’ ateliers. While strolling through its ‘calli’, you’ll discover an array of objects crafted according to time-honoured techniques featured alongside the creations of up-and-coming artists.

See them all on the following Google Map!

map of fine art galleries in venice
On the left: the map in its printed version


Where Venice published a map devised as a guide to help you discover several of Venice’s most accredited addresses. The same map in its ‘Google version’ follows.

Click the name of the gallery to open the official website:
1. Houshang Rachtian Antiques
2. Thaumart
3. Bel-Air Fine Art
4. Bugno Art Gallery
6. Antichi Splendori
7. Galleria L’Occhio
8. Giudecca
9. Alessandro Zoppi (Mobile: +39 335 6657005)

Fine Art District:
11. Ebrù
12. ARTIsm3160
13. Kleine Galerie (Phone: +39 (0) 41 5222177)
14. Marcello Moretti (Mobile: +39 328 7692696)
15. Maurizio Lorenzo
17. Le Burle Veneziane
18. Bac Art Studio
19. La Salizada
20. Antichità San Samuele (Mobile: +39 347 852129)
21. L’Atelier di Elisabetta
22. Andrea Tardini Gallery

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10. Pop Art Gallery
16. Ottica Manuela
23. Osteria Al Bacareto (eating out)
24. Gems of Venice (unique, personalized and timeless jewels)

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