AMO Restaurant c/o T Fondaco dei Tedeschi

by Stefania Vida
AMO Restaurant copyright Federico Nero

AMO: three letters that embody taste

The ground floor atrium of luxury department store T Fondaco dei Tedeschi is home to AMO, the new exclusive Venetian café/restaurant run by the Alajmo brothers (Massimiliano and Raffaele), from one of Italy’s most revered culinary families, offering a gastronomic experience embodying the real soul of Venice, with its symbols and mysteries. In Venice’s new and dazzlingly luxurious department store, both Venetians and international visitors can satisfy their gourmet palates. AMO is not simply a restaurant, but a place where the simple, authentic and light ingredients featured on the menu combine to free the spirit and open the heart. A great design space, where no detail has been left to chance and is magnificently curated, in this instance by the well-known French designer and architect Philippe Starck! Each piece of furniture is an embodiment of pure Venetian spirit. The sofas have been designed to look like gondolas, the windows have been forged by master glassblowers from Murano and the walls feature patterns inspired by the Carnival of Venice. The cafeteria, which is open throughout the day, begins serving food in the morning, starting with breakfast. The menu features a list of different types of Italian coffees paired with several light gastronomic offerings (with and without flour), and pastries where butter is substituted with olive oil. The counter located inside the cafeteria welcomes guests with an array of individually sliced cakes and macarons, gourmet sandwiches, ‘pizzette’ and a special type of fried ‘cicchetto’ that changes on a daily basis. The lunch and dinner menus, on the other hand, offer a selection of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, three different types of pizza (oven-baked, steamed or fried) and classic ‘Alajmo’ dishes including ‘Cappuccino di patate’ (potato cappuccino)…Bon appétit!


Café daily 10am-8pm
Restaurant daily 12pm-3pm and 7pm-10pm

San Marco, 1645 – c/o T Fondaco di Tedeschi by DFS
Calle del Fontego dei Tedeschi (Rialto Bridge)
Sestiere San Marco

PHONE: +39 041 2412823

GPS: 45.43831, 12.33647
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