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Where® Venice is the English-speaking integrated guide providing paper and digital information for the international visitors arriving in the city.

Where® Venice is published by Where Italia Srl, leader company in visitor publishing, specialised in the creation of the best means of communication to reach the target of Italian and multinational travelers.

Our mission is to offer our readers readily available information on Venice during their stay in the city’s top hotels. Users can also plan their travel from all around the world via our website and social media profiles.

Visitors to Venice can easily find all the shopping addresses of the most high-end brands, historical and unique boutiques, exclusive restaurantsmuseums and city must-goes, as well as a list of the not-to-be-missed events in town and useful tips on public transports. Both the magazine in its hard copy and the digital tools are a useful instruments to consult while exploring the city.

With the constant work of local editors and insiders, every day Where® Venice provides its readers with the latest news in the city in order to help, support and integrate the indispensable tips provided by the best hotels’ concierge service.

To make sure hotel guests can always find a printed copy of our magazine during their stay in Venice, an attentive customer service is in daily contact with hotel managements to provide each month the requested number of copies.


To find out more about advertising options in Where Venice, write us an e-mail


To find out more about advertising options in Where Venice, write us an e-mail